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This is the opening to Deloitte’s 2017 CFO Conference Show which was held in Washington D.C. on 11/17/17.

The video features a camera move down an alley adorned with a variety of people, geometric murals and Deloitte Easter Eggs that are placed throughout.  As the camera moves down the alley, the fragmented mural segments begin to converge creating the Keyword for this years conference.

The video was displayed on a 100 ft LED screen which is split into three sections.  The split on the left lines up perfectly with the door of the left-most building (the pub).  As the video settles into its final resting position, Deloitte’s CEO ( not shown) walks out of the pub door creating the illusion that he’s part of the video.  The surprise comes when he suddenly turns,  walks out onto the stage and addresses the audience.

The alley is created entirely in CG while the people are live action shot against green screen.

Jeff Taylor of Beaker Films Produced.  All Design, CG and Animation were created by Jeff Sargeant.